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For our final Sharif, Ziyu, and I sought to look into the concept of conflicts. Our initial plan was to create a tent that would utilize audio and visuals to discuss the illusion of conflicts. We struggled with creative differences … Continued


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The project is still in development and will be complete only by next week. Here are some video samples of the work in progress. Design   Interaction

The Art of Illusion

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What is art? I will not try to answer this difficult question of course, but after visiting the Whitney biennial I started wondering about the role of illusions in art. The 2017 biennial presented a variety of works, ranging in form … Continued

Midterm Projects

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In the last couple of weeks I have been working on 2 different experiences. Here are the briefs accompanied by screenshots: The Triangle Factory Project This coming Saturday is march 25th, exactly 106 years after the horrible tragedy of the … Continued

Starting to go back in time

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This week I started experiencing in creating characters, animate them and insert them into my Unreal scene. I worked with Fuse and MakeHuman for creating the characters and Mixamo for rigging and animating them. I had some issues, some of … Continued

Middle Eastern Patterns

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My first processing sketch reconstructs middle eastern patterns using simple circles. When moving the slider on the bottom of the sketch, you can control the weight of the stroke lines and see how simple circles are transforming into complicated and beautiful … Continued


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Today I took the time to spend hours in the micro studio. I tried many vive experiences and came back with some insights: The interaction is, in many cases, not that intuitive. The controllers themselves though, are very well designed … Continued

Seeing is Forgetting

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Irwin, in the book written by Lawrence Weschler, Speaks about his process of constant look for the right questions to ask. This made me think of my first encounter with the academic world. Paris 2006, my writing professor enters to … Continued

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