Roi Lev | Developing Mobile App – Project Proposal
Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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Developing Mobile App – Project Proposal

Developing Mobile App – Project Proposal

As an Israeli who lives in the 21st century I have found myself, more than once, thinking and speaking with friends about developing a mobile app. That is why I find it pretty difficult to choose one app to work on for the coming weeks.

I currently have 2 ideas and I hope that during the process of writing them down I will know which one I like better.


When I am walking down the streets of New York City I cannot stop imagining the history of the city surrounding me. The NYPL (New York Public Library) has an extensive database of photos of the city. Some past projects placed those pictures on maps but it is hard to know exactly where they were taken without human intervention.

I would like to create an app which will present the photos on a map and will ask the user to find out where exactly the original photo was shot. Using AR technology, the user will be asked to place this photo on top of the photographed object as it seen from his phone’s camera. The user will have to stand at the exact same spot where the original photographer stood a 1, 20 or 100 years ago. In the end the users of the app will create together a timeless collage of the street of New York City.


New York City has always been home for great street artists. Since the city changed its face, a lot of artworks were deleted or painted over and we cannot see them anymore. Still today, the officials in the city try to keep the city clean and artworks only last for a couple of months and even weeks. Street art is has always been an important part of our society, often associated with underground movements and criticism. It feels to me as it is now more important than ever. I would like to create an app which will let us to create and share virtual graffiti using AR technology. The app will be the key to see the art pieces that were created using it. From now on we will all be able to spray the city (virtually) without breaking the law and without worrying that the piece will eventually be deleted.

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