Roi Lev | Museum of The City of New York – 2115
Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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Museum of The City of New York – 2115

Museum of The City of New York – 2115

The museum of the city of New York, established in 1923, was an important establishment in New York of the 20th and 21st centuries. In 2113 the city of New York invested an unprecedented sum of 100 million dollar to relocate the museum to where was once the financial capital of the world, known today as the historic district of the city – the financial district in lower Manhattan.

New York City used to be a constantly evolving and changing city. Since the 16th century, the city kept changing its shape, demolishing the old to be replaced with new ideas and aesthetics. This concept of change that was the city’s DNA for many years, allowed it to be the capital of the world in most of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Although most of todays’s historians agree that the city started loosing its almighty status In the 2080’s, some will argue that signs of decadence were visible since the beginning of the 21st century. The 2062 economic crisis that led to the strict immigration ban in the United States had an important impact on New York. The city, that was later declared as the city of Americans for Americans, was perceived as loosing its charm of internationality and diversity. The eastern revolution caused the city to loose most of its leading industries with the massive migration of major companies to new emerging cities like Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The museum’s new experience “TimeTravel©” allows people to feel what it was like to live in the city that was once the beating heart of the world. The visit starts at the museum’s new location, the historic building of the New York City stock exchange. Through the transformation process, visitors learn the rules of play, the habits and behavior norms of the time they choose to travel to. They then choose their identity and are matched with the relevant accessories and cloths. The process ends with getting familiar with the “TimeTravel Kit©” containing the dedicated visual-auditory device and the different sensors, allowing them to enter an experience where they can be a part of the city’s history.

In collaboration with google’s “CityIndex” project, New York’s archives were digitized and combined into the biggest and most detailed timeless representation of the city. Once wearing the device, visitors can choose what year they want to visit and the environment surrounding them blends accordingly. Using advanced AI technology, the environment is fully reactive to the visitor. Visitors may indulge in whatever they wish within the experience, interacting with people and with space. The city is fully mapped to the immersive experience, recreating a detailed representation of the past, allowing visitors to explore every space, outdoors or indoors, in the city that never sleeps.

New York City TimeTravel© is a surprising, unscripted adventure. Welcome to the experience that will reshape the way you think and feel about history, society and humanity.

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