Roi Lev | PoV – Project Proposal
Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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PoV – Project Proposal

PoV – Project Proposal

This semester is coming to its end in a month and I got into some practical thoughts trying to find a way to combine the knowledge and skills I learned in the past 3 month with the topics that I am really interested in exploring.

At the beginning of the semester I was thinking a lot about my hometown and my family and felt that the video and phone calls do not satisfy my need to feel my family while I am away. An idea started taking shape in my mind, an entity, a human size puppet, that will allow me to walk around the space and have much more immersive conversations with my family. This puppet will allow me to explore space, being in two different places on the globe at the same time. The application would go way beyond my family house, the puppet will allow me to travel around the world and to even get to countries that I am not able to enter as myself.

I refined my idea and realized that I a more accurate definition will be exploring points-of-view. Point of view is an important topic in the human history, a lot of philosophers and psychologists dealt with its importance, cinema has changed dramatically when the point of view was invented, and still, when we are in a video conversation with people they hold the camera and by that controlling our point of view.

For the semester finals I decided to make a puppet that will allow people to view the room they are in from a different perspective, a different point of view of the same world.


PoV will be consisted of several parts and will require me to deal with computational media, physical computation and wood fabrication. It will allow the master (the user) to control the puppet leg and head movements while watching and listening to the world from the puppet point of view. Hopefully, this experience will allow the master to feel immersed in the puppet’s body as they are one.

3d model – coming soon

Diagram – coming soon

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