Roi Lev | Reactions.
Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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For our final Sharif, Ziyu, and I sought to look into the concept of conflicts. Our initial plan was to create a tent that would utilize audio and visuals to discuss the illusion of conflicts. We struggled with creative differences between our team on how to pursue the creation of such a project in a meaningful way that would be both reasonable but also respectful to those who have been effected by these conflict. So this caused a conflict amongst our team resulting in creative differences and us breaking off into two separate groups.

Sharif and I decided to team together and discuss the concept of space using light and sound. This lead to a creative coding and visual illusion that simulated ripples and sounds on a grid. We utilized projections on a floating projector screen we built in order to allow for rear projection furthering the illusion of the screen floating with an interactive grid.

Our project used a processing sketch that was sent to Isadora using syphon. The sketch was a grid that would ripple and create sound from you waving your hand over the screen. We used a camera in order to calibrate our sketch in order to cancel out some of the visual noise that the camera would pick up. We used a very distinct color in order to limit off color pickups creating over simulated noises and ripples.

In a world where our new technologies have the name “reality” in them, it seems as we are trying to tweak and change the reality we live in. Using image recognition technologies, Reactions explores the way surface react to our touch.

The code.

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