Roi Lev | Virtual Worlds – Mission Statement
Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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Virtual Worlds – Mission Statement

Virtual Worlds – Mission Statement

I was born in the age of screens and from a very young age I found myself gazing at various screens. Wether it was the TV screen, the computer screen or at the cinemas, I have always had this dream of entering into those fictional worlds, being able to explore them and feel immersed into them. That was the main reason that pushed me into making films – watching them on a screen just was not enough, I wanted to be immersed in them, so I decided to go and make them.

The day has finally come. The Current VR technologies are still not what I had in mind as a child, but they are definitely an important and exciting step further into my dream. This medium is yet to be fully explored so almost every new VR experience is an important “saying” about the uniqueness of the medium. It reminds me of the stories about the early days of cinema, when the Lumiere brothers projected movies of trains entering into stations and the people, that did not know the rules and limitations of this new medium, ran out of the theater, afraid that they might ran over by the projected train. It feels like VR got to a stage where it is accessible enough but is still psychologicaly confusing, when I tried entering into a virtual snowy field I felt the cold in my bones even though the room I was in was pretty warm.

Most of the experiences I tried did not try to feel realistic. It makes sense of course, one of today’s biggest limitations is our ability to create realistic graphics without having an army of modelers, and creators are making interesting experiences trying to work around that. I am interested though, in bringing the genre I like the most, fantastic realism, into VR. That will require me to create a world which will feel more realistic (not necessarily real) and less like cartoons.

I am interested in exploring location based VR. I feel that by experiencing specific content in a specific space we will be able to show people the things that they usually can not see. See the unseen. One of the challenges will be to find a way to make people aware of the space they are in but immersed in the experience at the same time. The immersion is a big part of it and that is why I am more interested in VR rather than AR technologies that are, allegedly, trying to achieve this goal but are just not immersive enough. I am pretty sure that those definitions and technologies will change in the future but right now I am interested in combining the concepts of VR and AR into one experience that will fix the axis of space but will allow us to move in time.

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