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Hi. I am Roi Lev. I design interactions and create content, my work is centered around spatial media - virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
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This is our living room table. Every morning, when I sit next to it to have my morning coffee, I admire the patterns and colors of the wood and especially the reflection of the sun, coming from the window right next to it. The intersection of the sunlight with the table creates a unique palette of brown, red and grey colors. Every few days I try to capture this unique palette and every time I am disappointed to learn that I can not capture it the same way my eyes see it. The images above were taken with different white balances, the first one using the auto balance feature of my camera while the other using manual balance. Even though you can clearly see the change of colors, it seems to me that neither of them captures the real color. The auto image is pale, containing too much blue, while the manual image is too red, losing the beautiful dark browns and grays.  The actual image I see is somewhere it between, showing how the human vision system has a much wider range than the cameras I use.

These images show the view of lower east Manhattan as seen through our window. I chose it as I wanted to take a picture with as many details as I can to see how different exposures affect the level of details seen in an image. In my trials to find the right exposure I noticed that there are several options I can use without losing details. The photos above show the same image, taken with 3 different exposures.

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